My family decided to use our timeshare and go for a short ski trip while my step-sister was home for one week.  We picked my step-sister Mindy up at the airport on Friday. She got in late. She ate leftover soup for dinner. We had two kinds of soup, but Mindy really liked the acorn squash soup. We ate soup for breakfast again the next morning. Mindy finished the acorn soup. I love having Mindy home.

On Saturday we hung around a lot and planned our ski trip to Big Bear. My step-dad Jeffie surfed in the morning.

Sunday morning was frantic as Mom tried to give me a shower and pack all of the stuff that she should have packed yesterday. She kept asking over and over why she didn’t do it yesterday. It was raining, and we had to drive up that mountain.

There was no need to worry because the ride was safe. There were sudden clearings in the sky, which made the canyons look mystical. The clouds were like angel hair. We saw a huge double rainbow.

Our timeshare condo was great! Mindy went snowboarding the first day while we hung out. Mom really wanted to ski but was afraid after so many years had gone by. We talked and talked about it.

The next day took forever for us to get ready. Mindy had ridden up the chair lift with an instructor from the adapted ski school. He said that I should go skiing too. We couldn’t decide if my mom and I should go skiing.

It was 1:00 pm–past half-day time of skiing when we knew it was decision time. My mom said, “O.k., Mindy. Let’s go.” They rented skis and bought tickets, and she had a great day!

Jeff and I went to the ski school to see about lessons for me, but it turns out that a tour bus of handicapped people arrived that day, and they were all booked up.

So, how do I feel about that outcome? Actually, it was o.k. I was excited about the prospect of skiing, but I knew not to count on it. I had a great time just being at the ski lodge, drinking hot chocolate and watching Mindy snowboard and Mom ski. I took a video of them. And I learned a lesson: If I want to do something like take an adapted ski lesson, I should make a reservation in advance.

So, if life hands you lemons, make some lemonade, or go have some hot chocolate.

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I am a 25-year old female with cerebral palsy who wants people to know the issues which handicapped people face in today's world. In addition to the everyday challenges which all people face, people with disabilities must grapple with issues of friendships, dating, business relations, safety issues, and a host of other vital matters, beginning with how to get up and get going each day. I want to relate my story, as well as issues faced by others, and invite all readers to respond and interact.

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