Most people have problems with friendships at one time or another throughout their lives.  Friends (and family) can be inseparable, integral in our lives. Their drama can cause conflict and anxiety in our lives as well.

I’ve always been thankful for the friends and family in my life, but the conflict and drama and loneliness often claim the day. My family and friends love me, but those of my age group seem to have decided that my place is to sit next to my parents and their middle-aged friends for all of my life rather than to experience situations of entertainment and socializing of age-appropriate young adults.  I am not sure if my friends and family peers are afraid to take the responsibility of taking me out to places, or if (and I hope not) they just don’t want to be bothered because I am handicapped, but nonetheless, I need to experience all of the fun things and hanging-out times, which young people do and which cause growth and  change in life. Maybe hanging out with a handicapped person isn’t so cool, but we do have the same feelings and needs for friendship and fun as everyone else.  I always see programs on TV where the handicapped person is included with the teenage and young adult outings, but this has not been the case for me–ever. No one except for people my parents’ age will take a chance to come and get me and include me in their fun plans.  It’s lonely.


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I am a 25-year old female with cerebral palsy who wants people to know the issues which handicapped people face in today's world. In addition to the everyday challenges which all people face, people with disabilities must grapple with issues of friendships, dating, business relations, safety issues, and a host of other vital matters, beginning with how to get up and get going each day. I want to relate my story, as well as issues faced by others, and invite all readers to respond and interact.

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