BLOG #16: Helping Humanity: It’s a Team Effort

Dear Friends,

Recently, a reader of this blog, Issues of the Disabled, expressed frustration concerning his lack of power to change the problems that disabled people face, big or small. Granted, it is a huge effort for most handicapped people to get up, get dressed, get fed, and get out the door each day to do anything productive.

Please know that you are helping us all simply by reading and sharing this blog. Please mention the blog or specific articles (so far I have 1-15). Please write comments if you know of anyone who can help with a particular issue, such as the name of a senator or congressman, mayor or councilman. In addition, if you feel extra generous, please write that person or persons yourself. There is power in numbers. Sometimes, I feel so overwhelmed. It feels good to know that people are reading and care. One of my cousins once wrote Councilman Chris Cate regarding potholes at the North Clairemont Library. Shortly thereafter, the potholes were removed. This was a tremendous help to book lovers and people like me who might go to the library for tutoring.

Do not underestimate your power as a human being. Together we multiple our talents and our resources–and our power. PLEASE READ, COMMENT, AND SHARE.

Love to you all,                                                                 

CP Girl