#1. A couple of readers have asked me why my writing is negative? For this question, I advise the readers to consider the title of my blog: Issues of the Disabled, the target word being “issues.” I am not writing about puppies and kittens and cute things here. The word “issues” exactly means serious matters that require change or reform. These matters decide the quality of lives. These are critical issues. If I want to write about happy, cute things, I promise I will be positive. To this point, I am actually being positive because if I wanted to show the extent of my passion concerning these issues, my voice would also contain some anger for certain injustices disclosed.

#2. Another important misinterpretation to clarify: Certain people have inferred that I am not the author of this blog. Most published authors have editors. I have a disability in the area of writing (among other disabilities.) I have dysgraphia which is a broad term for processing problems with writing. No matter how hard I try as of this date, I will leave out words, write words out of order, misspell words, and assume that the reader can read my mind. Believe me. You do not want to read my text without the benefit of my editor! It is absolutely convoluted! However, make no mistake: the writing published here is mine. The voice is mine. The ideas are mine. And for you who are skeptics: GOT IT?

Please write back if you agree or disagree. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Please get your family and friends to follow as well, especially young people my age who seem to be too busy to get to know a handicapped person.

7 thoughts on “NOTES FROM THE AUTHOR”

  1. Beautifully written and so true. I worked in Managed Health Care when this first became law. It was so confusing and many of us could see holes in it. You are a beautiful young lady Jaime. Glad you are trying to get the word out.

    1. Thank you, Stephanie! I so appreciate that you are reading the blog. I don’t feel like I will accomplish much, but you never know. . . .Take care; keep reading and sharing! Love, Jaime Rae

    1. Yes, Paul, I appreciate your comment. I am trying to post more positive issues, such as the MNRI therapy and others, which are positive pieces. Unfortunately, persons with disabilities need change in many areas, and those will get posted in order to effect necessary changes for people. We are happy to post positive and thankful issues as well, and we will welcome your ideas and articles to share. Thank you for your input!

  2. I’m proud of you Jaime! I hope more people get to hear your story and learn about you and others who live with a disability.

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